Episode 56 – Back to Business part 3

This week the group continues their journey to the giants and find a city surrounded by a great bone wall.  Once inside the walls the group soon realizes that all the giant men are wearing makeup and have permed hair.  The group learns this is in tribute to the great Queen Cottrell who united the tribes long ago.

After some negotiations the group finds out that the giants are at war with a sinister group of necromancers called The Occulta.  The group agrees to get rid of The Occulta in order to secure an alliance with the giants, but quickly plan ulterior motives.

References this episode:

  • The giants are based around the band Twisted Sister
  • Queen Cottrell is taken from Windhand lead singer Dorthia Cottrell
  • The Occulta are based on the band Immortal
  • The Satanist is taken from the band Behemoth

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