This image is what spawned this season.


As we sat down to discuss our new season and system change I pitched the group an idea that I had wanted to run for awhile but could never find a system that would allow it.  Once it became clear that we were going the route of Open Legend I began to flesh more and more out and realized that I could indeed tell the tale.  What is that tale you ask?

An epic fun filled quest to take back what was once the players.  A game filled with fun and nods to our influences outside of the game.  I started early on in the first season naming every episode after a song of a band that we liked (or that I liked).  This started to naturally evolve into this season of actual making references or naming things after bands.

So we have a new system, we have a new logo and we have a new attitude.  The goal with season 2 is have shorter episodes and to have them pack a punch.  I felt that some episodes in season 1 weren’t the best to listen to but it reflected what an campaign is like, not all session will be winners.  I am forcing myself to change that this season and going forward.  I feel that Open Legend will allows us to push ourselves further than any other system.

There will be some changes from here on out.  Every episode is going to be posted on here weekly.  I will post in every episode any referenced to bands that we mention on the episode in case you want to explore what a majority of us listen to on the podcast.  There will be references you may not get, but we will have a link to let you in on the fun.

Have any suggestions on references or names for NPCs? let us know! comment here, our our Facebook or Twitter and get engaged!  We look forward to this season and we hope that you will enjoy the ride.



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