Episode 37 – Nobody Speak

Episode 37

Orlock and Neville stand outside of the Coulson’s manor, flanked by several members of Shadow’s Thunder.  Only two guards (if you would call them that) stand by the main gate.  If their friends are trapped inside this place looks like the last you would check.  There is nothing to give any inkling of trouble.  Orlock and Zane (Shadow;s Thunder that followed) set to sneaking up on the two guards who are posted out front.  When Zane gets spotted Orlock jumps into action and delivers a viscous series of blows that incapacitates them. The group proceeds inside the manor making sure to stick to the shadows.  They are able to smooth  talk a young boy who ends up biting more off than he chooses.  Using a set of the keys the group took from the guards they enter into the home and begin their search.

They find a single drop of blood and a secret door that leads them down into unknown danger and unforeseen horrors.


DM: Chris

Orlock: (elf level 5 rogue): Rick

Neville (half gnome half elf level 5 mage): Brian


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