Episode 36 – Dark Horse


Episode 36

I want to take a moment and say that I am sorry about not posting episode 35 last week.  I had a big project at work that I needed to make sure when without a hitch (it did!) but in the hustle and bustle of that I didn’t get to post about the episode.

The group finds themselves in a dire situation.  Graf and Davito are unconscious and under arrest.  Neville watches helplessly as they are loaded onto a cart.  At the same time Orlock find a mirror in a hidden chamber of the house that doesn’t reflect the room that it is in.  Returning to Neville, Orlock soon learns the fate of his friends.  Graf and Davito soon come face to face a familiar voice, while Orlock and Neville plan another heist.


DM: Chris

Graf (half-orc level 5 warrior): Tyler

Orlock: (elf level 5 rogue): Rick

Neville (half gnome half elf level 5 mage): Brian

Davito (half gnome half elf level 5 mage): Blaine


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