Episode 20 – Back streets Back

Episode 20

Orlock looked around at the chaos that had erupted in the alley way, elven and dwarven blood mixed and pooled in the groves of the cracked ground.  He watched as waves of masked elves decimated his companions and turned their attention towards him.  He prepared himself for the fight ahead…then the shadows moved around him.  A blur of swords and arrows erupted around him and in an instance a familiar face dropped from the top of the buildings lining the alley way, Elluydon, leader of the Council of the Endless, was standing before her nephew and beckoning him to follow her.

Elluydon set her soldiers to reviving the fallen dwarves and together they escaped the city.  She explained that the elves were not happy with her decision to let outsiders in and even angrier that they had crippled one of their own.  She realized that her nephew was her only chance at seeing her sister again so she made the choice to leave.

The group returned to their encampment surrounding the mines and set to business going over a plan of action with their new allies and scouting out the area.  In a bold move Graf, Orlock and Neville returned to the camp to get their payment from Alaford.  They were able to gather some crucial details for their attack plan, leaving them the rest of the day to prepare for war.



DM: Chris

Krull (dwarf level 3 rogue) / Graf (half-orc level 3 warrior): Tyler

Orlock: (elf level 3 rogue): Rick

Thrush (dwarf level 3 rogue) / Neville (half gnome half elf level 3 mage): Brian

Borim (dwarf level 3 warrior) / Davito (half gnome half elf level 3 mage): Blaine



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