Magic Items

Hey everyone,

I figured it would be smart to put our magic items out there in case anyone wants to use them in their games or they wanted to comment on them as well.  Here they are:



Six-Shot Revolver *** created by Conrad Curtis ***

Damage: 1d6 +1

Range: 8 yards (short)/ 16 yards (long)

Min Strength: –

Reload: Minor (1 bullet) / major (full reload)


Special Stunt:

Fan the Hammer:

5 SP: Requires fully loaded revolver

Unload all 6 bullets to deal +3d6 damage to the target.


Arcane Gauntlets

Damage: 1d6 +1

Min Strength: –

These polished silver gauntlets have four gems inset on the knuckles.  The wielder of these gauntlets can activate each gem once per day to change their damage type to the corresponding gems arcana.  You cannot activate more than one gem at a time.  The gems are red for fire, blue for water, yellow for lighting and green for nature/earth.


Floating Skull

This polished skull is filled with air arcana that cause it to orbit or hover around the wielder of the skull.  The wielder can use their move action to move the skull up to their max yards away and cast spells as if they were casting them.  The Skull can also be used as a ranged attack using Accuracy for the attack bonus and it deals 1d6+2 damage.


Enchanted Golem

A rock golem the size of a watermelon attaches to a host and begins to bond with them.  The owner of the golem can wear it as armor and incur no casting penalty.  While the golem is used as armor the wearer gains the benefits of the STONE CLOAK spell from the Earth Arcana.  The owner of the golem can command it to attack in their place,  which causes the golem to take on the form of an animal (chosen by the golem). The golem acts on the owner’s turn who must make a Communication – Animal Handling TN 11 to have him act and gets a normal turn and doesn’t generate stunt points.  The golem gets the following stats:

                          GOLEM (BASE)

  •        AR = 3
  •        HP = 10 + Level + Owner’s CON
  •        Damage = 1d6+1
  •        Defense = 10 + owner’s DEX


Level AR HP BASE Damage Level AR HP BASE Damage
1 3 11 1d6+1 11 5 21 2d6
2 3 12 1d6+1 12 5 22 2d6
3 3 13 1d6+1 13 5 23 2d6
4 3 14 1d6+1 14 5 24 2d6
5 3 15 1d6+1 15 5 25 2d6
6 4 16 1d6+3 16 6 26 2d6+2
7 4 17 1d6+3 17 6 27 2d6+2
8 4 18 1d6+3 18 6 28 2d6+2
9 4 19 1d6+3 19 6 29 2d6+2
10 4 20 1d6+3 20 6 30 2d6+2



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