Episode 18 – Ride or Die

Episode 18

Orlock sets out with his dwarven companions and seeks the assistance of the reclusive elves of the Shard Forest.  They reach the edge of the Shard Forest and pause for a moment, knowing very well this could be the last time they see the Free Lands.  Pressing into the quiet interior of the forest the group soon comes across a bear.  After offering some berries to the creature, the group watches in amazement as the bear transforms into an elf and begins to question why the group is here.

The group is able to convince the elf, Barbun, to escort them to the Seat of the Goddess, where the Court of the Endless would hear them out.  Plans are hatched, mistakes are made and the group is thrust into a encounter that could cost them everything.


DM: Chris

Krull (dwarf level 3 rogue): Tyler

Orlock: (elf level 3 rogue): Rick

Thrush (dwarf level 3 rogue): Brian

Borim (dwarf level 3 warrior): Blaine


Photos from the Session


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