Episode 15 – Best Kept Secret

Episode 15

The dust has settled in the cave, the only sounds are the heavy breathing of our team and the crackle of the fire.  The group stares at the group of dwarves that they just freed. The words flow like wine and an alliance in forged between the earthen walls.  The leader of the dwarves is Borim along with Malmeck, Dorgin, and Tuhl they had come to the mine to investigate if there was Magike…Magica…Materia because of rumors long past down in the Sons of Stones.

The group agrees to go back with the dwarves after finding a note from Alaford admitting he wasn’t very forthcoming with them.  With vengeance on their minds and hatred in their hearts they is quick to ally themselves with their new companions and get out for the dwarves’ camp.  At the camp the group is introduced to the rest of the dwarves and gifted some items as a thank you for their actions.  Graf also learns more about his mask and where it came from.

Special thanks to Conrad Curtis, he is a listener who I talk with regularly on Google Hangouts.  He is a fellow DM and we have bounced ideas off each other.  He created the gun that Orlock got in this session so all the credit for it goes to him.  He has a blog you can check out here.


DM: Chris

Graf (half-orc level 3 warrior): Tyler

Orlock: (elf level 3 rogue): Rick

Neville (half gnome half elf level 3 mage): Brian

Davito (half gnome half elf level 3 mage): Blaine


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