Episode 8 – A Change of Pace


Episode 8 – A Change of Pace


We decided to take a break from the action and talk about our players and characters a little more.  I wanted to see how the group was liking the rules so far and to just discuss the game as it stands.  I hope that it helps shine some light on the group.  I know that during the podcast I make a mention along the lines of my ideal D&D is 4 dudes sitting around having fun.  Dudes isn’t solely aimed at men.  Every game that I play in or run besides this one has female players.  I laugh sometimes that this podcast is the exception to my games.  I know this day and age there is a lot of negativity going around and I didn’t want my statement to add to the narrative.


DM: Chris

Graf (half-orc level 2 warrior): Tyler

Orlock: (elf level 2 rogue): Rick

Neville (half gnome half elf level 2 mage): Brian

Davito (half gnome half elf level 2 mage): Blaine


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