First Month Reflections

I am sitting here trying to think of how I want to proceed with this.  One month ago I was sitting nervously at my home computer watching the first episode upload onto Sound Cloud.  I was forcing myself out of my comfort zone to try new things.  I made accounts on message boards and groups so I could interact and talk about our game and the system itself.  I even made another twitter so that I could do that whole thing.

I am not a huge social media guy,  I maybe post one or two things non show related on my Facebook a month.  I would rather be out there living life and having fun than documenting it.  Yet, as I listened to more and more podcast I found actual play podcasts and became hooked on them. My drives and workouts were filled with imaginative worlds, great characters and adventure.  Tyler and I talked about episodes like there were new comics, with excitement and glee.  I had toyed with the idea of doing a podcast for my D&D 5E game I run, but at the end of the day I didn’t.  I was nervous, nervous I couldn’t live up to what came before.  What did we have to offer to the crowd?  That is the long and short of it.

I have been doing a podcast  called Comixbrew for the past couple of years but I had the yearning to do another podcast on my favorite pastime, tabletop rpgs.  There came an opportunity on Comixbrew to mix the two when the Sixth Gun rpg came out.  I had run a Pathfinder campaign with Josh from the podcast and everyone on the show was interested in playing, so we did.  It was during the first few episodes that I got the itch.   The itched grew and grew and the idea kept circling around, with Fantasy AGE coming out and Rick asking me to run another game with some friends, I made up my mind.  The boys at Comixbrew have been hugely supportive and I want to thank Josh, Tyler, Adam(s) (Both Real and Fake for their support and for lending us equipment to jump-start this idea.

I mainly do it for my son and myself.  I want to show him as he grows up that nothing is out of reach if you try.  I know that is some cheesy sappy shit but it is the truth.  This podcast couldn’t have happened with out Tyler, Rick, Brian and Blaine.  Tyler is my co-pilot for this trip, he is just as driven to see it happen and I am.  Rick started this whole thing by wanting to get Brian and Blaine in on a game.  I had met Blaine a time or two before and he is a great dude who was eager to get back into tabletop.  My first time meeting Brian was at character creation and his enthusiasm was insane.  Those four help to keep me excited in the campaign, they help to keep me motivated to put the extra effort in to make it wow.

I also want to thank everyone who has listened.  I will always be an honest person, and I will always shoot straight.  I couldn’t have imagined the reach that this podcast has hit.  We have listeners all over the world and that blows my mind.  We live in Washington state and the fact that people in the Netherlands listen to us!? I can’t fathom it, it boggles my mind.  The responses have been great too, and everyone that has commented or offer feedback we love it and we need it.  I know that the first episodes were rough, but I only seen better things coming.

I guess lastly I should think my wife for twice a month letting four random people trudge into our basement and play tabletop games until 10-11 pm all the while keeping track of a two-year old.  She is an amazing woman and never complains or gets upset.

All right I feel like that is enough.  I just wanted to end with another thank you, I can’t say it enough and I hope it never comes off as forced.  Everyone reading this, everyone listening, everyone who supports us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Reach out to us, if you have something you want us to plug or share let us know.  This community is amazing and we can grow it the right way by helping each other out.

Lastly, PLAY MORE TABLETOP GAMES!  Play other systems, explore different genres and styles, just do it.  Nothing is better than getting your friends together to do some made up shit and seeing the looks of joy, fear, and triumph on their faces.  Also GM MORE, well that is a selfish request, I just want to play in more games.

PS I included a rad as picture of my son as the post image, he is a little bad ass.



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