Episode 3 – Defining Runark

This week’s episode is on the short side, it is more an exploration of the Fantasy AGE rule system and the world of Runark.  These extra episodes will pop up from time to time due to the nature of our podcast.  To take you behind the screens for a second we usually get together once or twice a month and hammer out 3-4 episodes during those sittings.  This gives us a buffer of episodes and time to edit and such.  Some weeks will pop up where we need to fill and so episode 3 is one of those episodes.

It is a needed episode I think due to the nature of home brew worlds.  It is easier to get someone to buy into the Forgotten Realms in D&D or Seattle in Shadowrun because they have existed for a long time and had so much lore built around them.  When it comes to a home brew world things are a little different.  I tend to go the route of having needed information available to players so they have a setting and built in places and hooks for their character to be in the world but leaving it vague enough to work in their creations.  It is easier to add in a town for them into a blank canvas versus trying to fit them into a place you made.  For this game I made a World bible for myself and a players version missing some important NPCs and groups that they haven’t met yet.  As a DM I would strongly suggest getting your group to read this and ask questions.  There is nothing more defeating as typing up 4-10 pages of world and fluff only to help players enter the world and none of them read it or care.

Other filler episodes will include behind the screen segments to explain certain DM choices I make or what not but we would love to hear from you, feel free to submit topics and we can discuss them in our filler episodes.  you can sent them to ageofrunarkpodcast@gmail.com and we will let you know what episode they will be on.


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