Episode 2 – Snapping Necks, Cashing Checks


Episode 2 – Snapping Necks, Cashing Checks


When we last left our group, Orlock had successfully unlocked the door leading down into the cellar, which wasn’t too hard due to the fact the door couldn’t be locked from the other side.  As the dynamic duo of Orlock and Graf discussed their strategy for getting downstairs in the chaos around them, Davito took the easy way and just walked down the steps.  At the same time, two wolves with strange scars barreled into the inn and sought out their next victims and Graf looked too juicy to pass up.  Will our boys survive their first combat?


DM: Chris

Graf (half-orc level 1 warrior): Tyler

Orlock: (elf level 1 rogue): Rick

Neville (half gnome half elf level 1 mage): Brian

Davito (half gnome half elf level 1 mage): Blaine

Photos from the Session


6 thoughts on “Episode 2 – Snapping Necks, Cashing Checks

  1. Just so you guys know, you mentioned there are no opportunity attacks. There is something similar to it though, it’s a minor action called Press the Attack (which you can find on page 34 of the core rulebook) and what it it does is you choose an opponent who is adjacent and if they move you then move up to your speed towards them so it makes it harder for them to disengage with you, works for PCs and NPCs. You can also prepare an attack in response to an opponents actions. (Don’t know if you guys find this out later, I just kind of paused the audio when I heard you mention no opportunity attacks)


    • this is true, I skipped over it when teaching the guys the basic of combat (the one issue with learning multiple systems is getting them mixed together). We have the action sheets now that have all the actions listed out, but I will remind the guys at our next session, thanks!


  2. Hey guys! I just got here from the Google+ community. Awesome job around! Really enjoying it. About the two weapon fight talent. Did it work the changes you guys made? sounds really reasonable change. I might adopt it.


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