First Week reflections

Things have been pretty crazy the last couple of days and a large part of that is in part to you folks who have taken the time to visit this page and listen to our episode.  The whirlwind of launching a podcast and trying to not feel like a tool promoting yourself is an odd thing.  I have always been the type to say the work will speak for itself and if you put out a solid product, people will enjoy it.  Yet in this day and age and as podcasts, especially actual play, it became ideal to give a little bump.  Jumping into the Fantasy AGE community has been a fun endeavor and we are excited to help shape it and offer inputs.I can’t say we will always have the best answer, but the system is pretty simple to tweak and make your own.

Episode 2 is being worked on and will be ready for next Tuesday.  We are looking at purchasing a headphone amplifier and headphones so we can listen to our levels and self balance ourselves.  Our major issue with the first two episodes is we didn’t have a headphone converter jack to plug into the mixing board, so we would have to do a test recording, and go off of that.  This will be a learning process, but eventually we will get it down.

There was an interesting thread on the Fantasy AGE message boards about conditions that got me thinking. Some folks have started and made some and I have kicked around a few ideas. I am going to run it by the crew and if they are game we will add them in and I will made a post about them in House Rules.

I can’t thank you all enough for the support, whether it is reading this page, checking out the episode, interacting on message boards and social media, it is crazy to think how a group of dudes from Washington can record something that can be listened to across the world.

Once last thing, we are officially on iTunes and Stitcher so that should make it easier to find us now, you can search on either for Age of Runark and subscribe.  If you like what you hear we would love for you to leave a review, anything that can help us gain more exposure.



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