Welcome to our home

If you are viewing this, then you have either typed in some random characters and arrived at our site or you have listened and like/been intrigued by our podcast to check us, either way welcome!

This is going to be the main place for all things Runark as our group of adventurers delve deep into the world and stir up all kinds of adventure and danger.  This has been something that we have been kicking around for awhile and we finally decided to give it a go.  I would first like to say thank you for taking the time to listen, we hope that you enjoyed it and will continue to follow along.  Secondly, Fantasy Age is a brand new system and with such there isn’t a ton of official resources out there.

Runark is a home brew world that I have been creating for the better part of my DMing career (all of 5+ years, I know I got into gaming late) and I have watched its evolution as I became somewhat more and more skilled.  It will probably not stop with this game either, depending on how Green Ronin decided to due OGL I dream of publishing a world book and what not but that is getting way ahead of myself, first things first I need to make an enjoyable world, which I think I have done but only time will tell.

My goal for this site is to give more information the world of Runark, to fill in some of the behind the scenes actions going on that the group hasn’t touched upon yet, and give access to myself and players.  In the short weeks I will task the guys with creating a miniature bio of their tabletop experiences and what interested them in it.  Anyways that feels like enough for now right? right?  I was never good at ending things.


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