Dual Wield House Rule

When Tyler approached me with his character idea it was paramount, so we talked about how he could go about it.  He would still have to take the Dual Wield Talent but I wanted to change it so that it hopefully won’t break the game..  I decided to allow him to make two attacks per round (1 as a standard, 1 as a minor as Master level of the talent allows) but he would not receive any bonus damage from his hits.  I changed the talent around to read:

Dual Wield Talent

Novice: Allows you to make two attacks in one round (1 as a Major, 1 as a Minor). You do not get to add your strength bonus to damage with your Minor Action if they hit. Your Minor action does not generate Stunt Points.**Thanks to Conrad for catching this**  Both your weapons must be single hand accuracy based weapons  

Journeyman: Add 1/2 of your strength bonus (rounded down) to your Minor Action damage if they hit.  You can perform the Lightning Attack stunt for 2
SP instead of the usual 3 but the extra attack must come from
your secondary weapon. Your Minor action does not generate Stunt Points.

Master: Add your full strength bonus to damage for both your Major and Minor actions you make if they hit. Your Minor action does not generate Stunt Points.

I don’t know how overpowered this will be and as I cautioned the group, this can be taken by certain enemies if we want to adapt it.  Time will tell how it plays out and we will revisit it if it is too weak or powerful.


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